Glyph Guide

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Mar 28, 2022
Glyphs give both stats and enhance up to 6 skills at a time in different ways. There are 5 colors, each with its own unique effect depending on skill. Not all skills can be glyphed, this patch has 13 or so skills per class which can be glyphed, half at chaotic soul cultivation and rest at Celestial saint cultivation. I will attempt to make these cultivations easy to obtain.

To unlock glyph slots in your skill menu, you need to do a specific quest for each glyph slot. Quest givers for these quests are outside Altheas house in Neverfall. West of NW teleporter of Neverfall city. After you do quests, you need to right click item you receive to unlock the glyph slot. You can do quests in any order you want but you need unlock glyph slots in specific order - Each glyph slot item tells which slot it open as a number.

Not any skill can be glyphed but you can see which skills have sanctified upgrade level in your glyph ui. To get these sancitified skill books, just do some Neverfall quest chain and you get squire badges, which you can use to buy books among with knight badges, that can be upgraded from squire badges, from Hector, an npc in middleish of Neverfall city.

You also get some lower level glyphs from keys, etc. Which you can use as placeholders till you get lvl 10 glyphs of your preferred color to place in there. Lower level glyphs can also be combined into higher levels.

There is 4 ranks of effect level on glyphs, levels 1-4 for rank 1, levels 5-7 for rank 2, levels 8-9 for rank 3 and level 10 for rank 4. The higher rank, the stronger effect glyph provides for the skill on top of more stats.

There is 3 types for glyph bonus, tigers might, dragons rage and Martial prowess. If your bonus type is strong against defender, you deal 15% more dmg to them. If you have no bonus, you take 5% more dmg from each bonus type.
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