New Classes


Staff member
Mar 28, 2022
Two brand new classes are now available, making a total of 14 characters on PWI's roster!

  • Technician: The Technician is a genius fighter, using cutting edge technology such as traps and cannons to completely control the battlefield. A female-only Human class.
  • Edgerunner: The Edgerunner is a winged warrior blessed by the heavens, feared by many on the battlefield for his mastery of both physical and magical combat arts. A male-only Winged Elf class.
These new classes are created separately to the old ones; click "Switch Scene" to swap between the older and newer character creation interfaces.

The new classes will default to detailed models but can also be changed to older models. Currently detailed models cannot be customized; this will be added in a future update. To change your character to the older model, log into the game and uncheck the "Detailed" checkbox from the System Settings window (accessed by pressing the U key). After doing this, relog and you will be able to customize your character as normal.